Saturday, October 24, 2009

Love, Sing me your melody.

Tonight was amazing...
I got to see Phil Wickham in concert. If you don't know who he is please look him up. He is an amazing songwriter and worship leader, and has fantastic lyrics. Tonight he sang one song off his knew record called "heaven song" talking about joining with the angels and singing his specific song, special to him alone. Although this is kind of a tangent, the song made me think about how we all have a song to sing in this life...and we keep writing the melody of our lives as we make our everyday choices.. living and breathing, through triumph and failure, choices to love, hate, discriminate, accept, remember, forget.. so many choices and turns, yet the song goes on...never ceasing.

So here I am at my dorm in the wee hours of the morning, and literally just finished an awesome collaboration with my good friend Sean (amazing pianist) on a new song I've written" called "Love, Sing Me Your Melody" and I'm absolutely excited. Not just cause I think it's a rad song but because I'm excited for life period. For a while I've struggled with wondering if I'm taking the right path, focusing on the right things, or making the right decisions...especially with the musical choices I'm making. But now I'm feeling content in the melody...

in knowing that wherever life takes me as long as I'm singing along to it's true melody i will not lose my love, my worth, my soul. I know that if I'm true to who I am and to my God, I will not regret, I cannot go wrong. Whether that means four years of college, or in a few months being on the road touring.. I'm ready for life's song. Life can be so untamed. It can take you by surprise and show you parts of yourself you never knew existed. it can just jump out at you..but I know I'm ready for whatever melody it throws at me... and i'll be singing along. =]

till next time.


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