Saturday, October 24, 2009

Love, Sing me your melody.

Tonight was amazing...
I got to see Phil Wickham in concert. If you don't know who he is please look him up. He is an amazing songwriter and worship leader, and has fantastic lyrics. Tonight he sang one song off his knew record called "heaven song" talking about joining with the angels and singing his specific song, special to him alone. Although this is kind of a tangent, the song made me think about how we all have a song to sing in this life...and we keep writing the melody of our lives as we make our everyday choices.. living and breathing, through triumph and failure, choices to love, hate, discriminate, accept, remember, forget.. so many choices and turns, yet the song goes on...never ceasing.

So here I am at my dorm in the wee hours of the morning, and literally just finished an awesome collaboration with my good friend Sean (amazing pianist) on a new song I've written" called "Love, Sing Me Your Melody" and I'm absolutely excited. Not just cause I think it's a rad song but because I'm excited for life period. For a while I've struggled with wondering if I'm taking the right path, focusing on the right things, or making the right decisions...especially with the musical choices I'm making. But now I'm feeling content in the melody...

in knowing that wherever life takes me as long as I'm singing along to it's true melody i will not lose my love, my worth, my soul. I know that if I'm true to who I am and to my God, I will not regret, I cannot go wrong. Whether that means four years of college, or in a few months being on the road touring.. I'm ready for life's song. Life can be so untamed. It can take you by surprise and show you parts of yourself you never knew existed. it can just jump out at you..but I know I'm ready for whatever melody it throws at me... and i'll be singing along. =]

till next time.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Let's be honest

So this is my first blog.. I guess you can say i decided to start doing this because I'm joining the band wagon.. Both of my dear friends (and band mates) nick and colin have i thought what could be the harm in giving it a try... nuff said.

I want to talk about the last two weeks..and two main things that i am dealing with in those two weeks so here goes the first..

Let's be honest..The last two weeks have been hectic at best, primarily because of my own doing. Besides forgetting books in classes, and locking myself out of my dorm room i also managed to lose my wallet not once but twice.. which is interesting because i've never actually lost my wallet before... It really shows me how easy it is to lose track of life, (and money) by being just a little bit to caught up.. anyway after waking up at 6 in the morning and making a round trip from the DMV to the Azusa B of A (bank of america) i was able to get all my cards back and my friend James Brooks was cool enough to give me his old wallet. thanks james =]

I'm sure that pretty much anybody can relate to this issue.. especially if your in college haha
These last two weeks ive been running low on sleep and its definitely been affecting me.. I've missed almost all the morning chapels in the last two weeks (we have to go to three chapels a week at AZUSA PACIFIC college) and I've been late for a ton of my morning classes, and have also slept through a few. :/ I also managed to bomb my Intro to music tech test because i was so out of it..

So this all brings me to my point for this whole post...

I'm flawed.


i can't do it on my own.

and i'm finally starting to realize that in order to get past my weaknesses i have to admit that they are there.

Most of my life i've spent focusing on the good things i can do, and my talents..
I've always tried to improve myself, but I usually stick to what i can do well and let my time get wrapped up in that. But now I'm finally starting to realize and own up to weaknesses such as .... "John you are not a morning person" and "John you can be careless with your belongings." I know it sounds so elementary, but just realizing that has really helped me get over myself and my shortcomings. It's kinda like.. you can't fight the enemy until you realize it is there.

I guess my encouragement to you, whoever you are is..

just because your flawed doesn't mean you can't be used for something great. The beauty is in the breaking, the tearing away of the old, and the unveiling of the new. Don't be afraid of change in the right context. Who we are is always changing always forming.. Our worlds will never balance, this life will never be without trial. It is about finding the peace within the storms of life, and in my heart.. knowing that my Savior will never makes this life so much more reassuring.

my advice:
admit where your wrong, own up to where you've messed up, and move forward. Just watch how your life will begin to mold. It's a slow process but a beautiful one at that.

Till next time.