Tuesday, January 12, 2010


With my fist down at Your feet

I was running out of mysteries

Insecure and incomplete here I am, here I am,

won't you get me?

I've got my hand in redemption's side

Whose scars are bigger than these doubts of mine.

I'll fit all of these monstrosities inside

And I'll come alive.


tonight is a beautiful night..

a new beginning, and a second chance. To say I am thankful would be an understatement, and to say that i am joyful would only capture a piece of what i'm feeling. Forgiveness is so powerful. It trumps hate any day, because just as hate binds, forgiveness frees. And tonight my soul is free...Praise God. I'm ready for a new dawn and a new day. Redemption is here and tonight...

i'll come alive.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Tomorrow we go in to record one of my latest...called "lose to win."

It's ironic, if you knew the story behind the song, the timing in which this is all taking place...but I can't explain the emotion with any other than anticipation. I am on the brink of so much. And i can't wait to see what enfolds. This could be the start of a new beautiful chapter...but if not, i will still find the beauty in my situation. This Christmas break, has been eye opening and truly refreshing. One thing i've learned...great friends make life so much more worthwhile. It's really about quality not quantity. and thankfully i've found a few keepers =]
Hope your Christmas and new year was great!

till next time,